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NHIZWILL PRODUCTIONS  was founded by St. Louis native, Nicolle M Whalen;  known as Nikki Whalen in these creative streets is a force to be reckoned with!


Comfortable wearing a plethora of "hats" Nikki made 2013 & 2014 all about Producing great content for other dope filmmakers.

"Most people who are gifted to do more than one thing make the mistake of doing them all at the same time. I divide my hats over quarters -

1st quarter i will produce for others

2nd quarter i will write & produce my own content.

3rd quarter i will direct

4th quarter....i will write & direct my own content.


“Everyone is looking for their big BREAK. Well, I stopped looking years ago and DECIDED that, project by project, penny by penny….I will make MYSELF proud; and the world will catch on!”






Joshua L. Shuford is NHizWill Productions Line Producer. He oversees all logistics for all productions.


He also manages all of the operations in the pre-production stage, production, and post-production stages.  He takes responsibility over the financial aspects and serves as a liaison between the crew and the higher level producers. 


Most recently, he was a Producer on the company’s feature film, "Revenge Game." Prior to NHizWill, Joshua spent the last 9 years as a driven professional in finance, accounting and audit. 

Clients of NHizWill Productions

Geno Brooks

The Artistic Standard

Millard Walton

Freemynds ENT.

Deja Dee

DreamIT Productions

Paula Ellis

Sycamore Group

Julia Brewer

Nurse with a Purse Productions

Melondi Brown

Mel B Productions

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